Six Word Story Every Day


I stumbled upon Six Word Story Every Day in my usual inspiration web wanderings and was immediately drawn in. Combining the art of writing with the art of design? Yes please, I’ll take it!


In 2010, Anne Ulku and Van Horgen discovered the genius of using language and typography to create a six word story…every day. Each post is unique—some using photography, some using illustration, some using nothing but bare-bones typography—and they all cause the mind to wander somewhere different for each viewer, sparking inspiration for every new set of eyes.


My favorite part about this project is that it shows how complex and impactful words can be, yet it’s portrayed in such a simplistic way. People can write novels—thousands of words—that tell marvelous stories and draw you in with their characters or plots; but people can also write a single sentence that creates just as much, if not more, of an impact on our lives. 


With this fresh new link for the inspiration archives, I’m feeling ultra creative. I think my six word story for today would be: “I just really want some adventure.” How about yours?

Happy storytelling,




One comment

  1. “Torched the haystack; found the needle.”
    “He fell into a new life.”
    “Sometimes, there’s more in what’s unsaid.”

    Some good ones!

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