The Hivernant


If you took a peek in my closet, the assumption would be quickly made that I am, what many would consider to be, a “girly-girl.” But as I’ve started to collect inspiration throughout my design career, it’s become fairly prominent that I’m drawn to things that are actually quite manly in nature.

I suppose the argument could be made that men are more simple creatures than women—attracted to a “no frills” lifestyle. So designing for a predominantly male audience must obviously speak to this straightforwardness. The allure behind many of these manly muses that I’ve tucked away for future reference is most notably their unmatched simplicity.

That being said, today I’ve pulled from the files an Etsy shop that “MAN-ifests” (see what I did there?!) this burly nature. The Hivernant creates hand-restored camp hatchets that not only show their beauty through hand-painted handles, but also through the stories their rich histories tell.


As designers, we appreciate all aspects of the things we create every day. Not only does The Hivernant make these great pieces of art, but the way his work is displayed is awesome design in and of itself! I love the layout, based with a topographical backdrop that sets the theme for the product right away. The surrounding objects are oozing with ruggedness and keep—for the most part—within neutral tones as to create an even greater emphasis on the bright blue head of the hatchet. Then, that bright blue ties right back on in with the bodies of water on the map. Now that, my friends, is what I like to call a complete circle of well-planned, well-executed design.


Shop owner, Zak Fellman is a Minnesota native that is clearly adept to bringing a love of the wilderness into his work (my eye was, of course, drawn to that Field Notes book). The wonder and intrigue of forging into the great frontier comes through loud and clear in every piece. Be sure to check out his shop for more fantastic work and tons of inspiring manliness!



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