Flashback Friday: Vintage Chatter


There’s something appealing to me about vintage telephones. To think, people used to actually sit down and commit themselves wholeheartedly to a conversation! It’s incredibly endearing when you think about the hustle and bustle of our lives today; yelling a few choice words to the car that cuts you off while chatting on their cell, throwing a seething glare to the woman that grabs the frozen microwave dinner you were about to pick up as she assures her husband that she absolutely can not pick up the kids because of her salon appointment. 

This revived, chevron phone bench not only brings itself up to date with a modern look, but also to serve modern functions. I picture myself sitting there with my MacBook, wholeheartedly creating a conversation with written words rather than verbal—that’s sort of the same thing, right?

Perhaps we should take a page from the past and spend just a little less time doing ten things at once and a little more time focusing on one.

Happy Friday!

Adorable rotary phone necklace found here! 


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