Month: February 2014

Design Folly


The word “folly” has always intrigued me; it’s one of those words that rolls off the tongue well, like doppelgänger or befuddle. In the midst of all of this professional development I’ve been doing recently, I’ve assigned myself the personal goal of practicing more hand-drawn typography and simply using the Tomahawk blog as an enjoyable creative outlet, rather than a business chore.

That being said, keep your eyes peeled in upcoming weeks for some good ol’ Design Folly!



Lace Love


I can’t say I’ve ever been one to fawn over lace. All I could think of were the doilies that served as dainty platforms for my great-grandmother’s collection of “treasures” (ashtrays, vases full of fake flowers, you get the idea). However, I’ve recently discovered that I’ve been giving the poor gal unjust judgement for quite some time.

While designing the invitations for a friend’s wedding, she brought up the idea of using lace throughout the decor. Knowing that—in following good designer protocol—I needed to at least entertain the idea, I began some research and stumbled across these beautiful lace paper envelopes; suddenly my eyes were opened to a brand new world of elegant possibilities.

Here’s hoping for more unexpected paper surprises in the near future!


Design Frontier

Design Frontier

Tomahawk is pioneering through the wild industry of design! Here are some recent loves that are reminiscent of the rugged nature of our brand:

1. 1Canoe2: Where the Buffalo Roam print >>
2. Modern Adirondack Chair >>
3. DIY Trunk Vase >>
4. Moose & Pine Smartphone Wallet >>
5. 3 Blind Moose Chardonnay >>
6. Point Reyes Driftwood Votive >>
7. Minnetonka Maui Flat Sandals >>
8. Newspaper Rucksack >>
9. EPICE Natural Map Scarf >>
10. Bear Statuette >>
11. Be Brave Balsam Pillow >>


Flashback Friday: Designing Life


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Design inspiration doesn’t necessarily have to come from physical things; the design of one’s life can be just as inspiring! Today’s example comes from these handsome folks: my grandparents (yes, the aforementioned Thomas from which the Tomahawk name was spurred.) Marrying quietly on their own without any friends or family, these two kids from “opposite sides of the tracks” didn’t let anything stop them from being together. Fifty-two years, a thriving life full of happiness and three children later, they are not only what I would call an epic love story, but inspiration to not give up on the things that are truly worthwhile.

May your day be filled with the warmth of a happy heart—or if you’re currently without that special someone, may it be filled with the warmth of good wine!


Flashback Friday: Vintage Chatter


There’s something appealing to me about vintage telephones. To think, people used to actually sit down and commit themselves wholeheartedly to a conversation! It’s incredibly endearing when you think about the hustle and bustle of our lives today; yelling a few choice words to the car that cuts you off while chatting on their cell, throwing a seething glare to the woman that grabs the frozen microwave dinner you were about to pick up as she assures her husband that she absolutely can not pick up the kids because of her salon appointment. 

This revived, chevron phone bench not only brings itself up to date with a modern look, but also to serve modern functions. I picture myself sitting there with my MacBook, wholeheartedly creating a conversation with written words rather than verbal—that’s sort of the same thing, right?

Perhaps we should take a page from the past and spend just a little less time doing ten things at once and a little more time focusing on one.

Happy Friday!

Adorable rotary phone necklace found here! 

Office Mojo


Starting a new business means starting work in a new environment. Lucky for me, I have an excellent office space available that happens to stem from the same root as that which sprouted the name Tomahawk.

My grandfather, Thomas, started his own company in 1965, successfully fostering a business realm into which I never imagined myself venturing. His building co. thrived for forty years, positioning my family in a way that I am forever grateful. Now, almost 50 years later I’m taking a page from that book and hoping I hit the gene pool jackpot and possess at least a wee teaspoon of his business sense. In the meantime, I’m at least super pumped to start designing the Tomahawk Office in the same office he once called his own.

A glimpse of what’s to come:

1. Every designer needs ampersand bookends >> 
2. Flower inspired wall mirror >>
3. There’s something remarkable about a quality drafting table >>
4. Plush gold accent pillows >>
5. Industrial-inspired fan >>
6. For practicality: iron utility scissors >>
7. Just because of a small candle obsession >>
8. Textured ceramic table lamp >>
9. Faux rose arrangement >>
10. Sophisticated wingback bar stool >>


Setting Sail


Moving from research to development is sometimes the most difficult step in the creative process. You could spend countless hours looking at things that inspire your work, your life, your love of design, until finally you force yourself to pick up a pencil. It’s not until that decision is made, that your work begins to come alive.

I’m a creature of habit that secretly loves change, an epically tragic combination and one that leaves me tearing at the seams of inhibition quite often. But throwing caution to the wind in its truest sense, I’ve decided to embark on a journey to open the doors to a business I can undoubtedly call my own.

I’ve been told that everything honestly worthwhile in life is always the most difficult. Work hard, be passionate and have faith in yourself that if you do these two things, success and happiness will intertwine themselves along the way.

Thanks for joining my journey!


Image found here >>